SAndroidE - Sensors for Android Embedded
Status: submitted
Section: Full talk (35/45 minutes)
Technical level: Intermediate
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Using Android to build complex Internet of Things (IoT) applications with many Bluetooth devices is not a trivial task. Developers have to learn how to handle software (SDK) and hardware configuration for every single device type, and this learning process could be tricky.
At the University of Brescia we developed the SAndroidE open source framework which is meant to fill this gap. The idea behind this framework is to use external devices as if they were embedded into the Android device itself. SAndroidE provides a standard interface and an easy-to-use procedure to add new devices thanks to a flexible library. This talk exposes how SAndroidE enables developers to focus on their goals only, exploiting all the power of a multi-vendor embedded environment without worries about the Bluetooth Low Energy communication protocol and the remote device peculiarities.
Speaker bio
Claudio Crema is a PhD candidate at the University of Brescia. His main field of research concerns wearable smart sensors and systems for measuring and processing vital parameters, in particular based on smartphones. He is member of the IEEE Society,  Co-Founder of the IEEE University of Brescia Student Branch, and part of the SAndroidE Staff.
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