From Open Source to Company / ObjectBox
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Section: Full talk (35/45 minutes)
Technical level: Intermediate
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A third of top apps on Google Play use one of Markus’ open source libraries, and with over 30,000 GitHub stars, he’s among the top 1% Java developers worldwide.

The talk has two sections: the journey and the product.

Maybe you have heard of greenrobot EventBus and or greenDAO?  Markus tells his journey from the humble open source beginnings in 2011 to building a VC-backed company in 2018. In his talk Markus will shed light on the fun of running successful open source libraries and the lessons learned. He will also share general insights on how to build a company on this foundation.

The second half is about the product; ObjectBox. You will also learn Markus had the urge to build a new database (ObjectBox) after building two ORMs (object/relational mappers) on top of SQLite. What are the fundamental differences to SQLite and why does ObjectBox claim to be the fastest mobile database? Why do developers even consider it in favor of the well-established SQLite? And last but not least: What’s next?
Speaker bio
Soon after Markus Junginger became one of the first Android app developers in 2007, he started open source libraries like EventBus and greenDAO. With 30,000 GitHub stars he’s among the top 1% of Java&Android developers. He’s an efficency fanatic and has an ongoing love/hate relationship with object persistence since he came across Hibernate in his previous live.