Special ingredients for Instant App.
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Section: Full talk (35/45 minutes)
Technical level: Intermediate
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Google announced Instant App support for Android on Google I/O 2016.
Since the time Google announced Instant Apps there's this secret discussion going between developers whether Instant will work out for my application or not. How is it different from PWA or native app? How it'll benefit my user or potential user?
The instant app lets the user experience your app way before installing it. This enables much faster or instant reach for developers to users and also give a better user experience by letting to his task or perform what he intended to do instead of letting him download the app and go through the tedious onboarding process.
First, in my talk how to reach or how to take your Instant App to people and getting them to your app. Deep linking for Instant app tips and the hard lessons I have learned while making one.
Secondly, How to make the user jump on to any feature that Instant app supports and how to engage with the user. If the user has used a particular feature how do you let him get into other features of your Instant app? And how to engage him inside the Instant app itself.

Now, how to decide which feature to support in the Instant app and which one not to? How to decide which module will be an appropriate module and how to separate it Instant app feature?
Once, the user has used enough of your Instant app how will you convince him to download the native app/full version app?
What are all the important user experience practices followed to make a successful Instant app? WIll sharing details about the case study I have done on.

And among all how will you retain the user information when he becomes a native app user from Instant app user? And What are the best practices used to make this process fluid?

To get the answer to all these questions you have to attend the talk. Will be a great opportunity to share with you all the knowledge that I have got while making Instant apps.

CookiesAPI, User experience, User Interface tips are some of the few candies you'll get along with the talk.
Speaker bio
Aravind is an Android developer at Zolostays. He has been working on Android for almost 4+ years now making apps for Android since Ice cream sandwich era little for Gingerbread too. Currently, He's working in Bengaluru, India handling the Android team for his organization He got to try out making few Instant Apps and helping out other developers and startups for making their apps Instant. Now, he is going to share all the knowledge he has got from his experience. A frequent speaker at Android conferences and local meetups.