Evolving Background Ops with the Platform
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Section: Full talk (35/45 minutes)
Technical level: Intermediate
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From the beginning, Android’s power management system allowed the platform aggressively conserve battery life while still providing a flexible API to tailor the behavior based on app needs. Apps leveraged this functionality with great success, but with that came both intentional and unintentional abuses. As the platform has advanced, power management has become more critical and the system needed to evolve with it. With Android Marshmallow, background operations felt the first impact of power management changes with Doze mode. Nougat took this a step further with partial Doze mode and Project Svelte. Now with Oreo, background execution limits put further limits in place in the interest of conserving power and memory. Unfortunately, this means tried and true methods of handling background operations in apps also needs to evolve. This talk will look at common background app operations, how they are impacted by the newer power management features, and what techniques can be used to migrate apps forward while maintaining backward compatibility.
Understanding of Android app development, power management concepts
Speaker bio
Larry is the CTO of HIQES LLC and has been developing for and customizing Android since 2008. In addition to helping customers create innovative Android apps and new Android based platforms, Larry has given and helped author professional training on the internal workings of Android.
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