Living on a green rocket field
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At Google IO 2018 the Android team announced Jetpack for Android, which is an opinionated set of libraries and architecture, which is a recommendation for Android developers. We at LAB1886, the incubator for the Daimler AG (Mercedes Benz), thought to give it a try with our latest project called RaceScout from AMG. We have the luxury to work always on green fields for projects. So, we wanted to share our experience with Jetpack and also give some recommendations for all the library & SDK developers.
Speaker bio
Hasan Hoşgel is a dedicated Android developer with professional programming experience since 2003. Since 2010 doing all day long Android application development and also is a Google Developer Expert for Android.
Continuous improvement of the architecture, performance and also quality are his dedication.
He works for Lab1886, beforehand a long time for ImmobilienScout24, Germany’s real estate marketplace leader and also for Kitchen Stories, which offered a premium cooking application.
As a co-organizer of the “GDG Berlin Android” and as a speaker, he attended many mobile conferences and several Google Developer Groups across Europe. As well being in program committees and organization of mobile conferences.