Show me your face: facial recognition made easy for Android
Status: submitted
Section: Full talk (35/45 minutes)
Technical level: Intermediate
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We love our faces.
We take care of our faces.
But we're not fully exploiting the potential of communicating something to our smartphone using only the face.
Imagine how much the inclusiveness of your application could increase by introducing visual commands, how many times do you need your smartphone and your hands are busy?
A lot of possibilities open up in the fields of security, social media, photography, health and video games.

During this talk I will show you how to easily integrate into your app interesting features such as: face comparison, face detection, head angle orientation detection, facial expression recognition, face parsing, face attributes recognition, face modeling, beautification, image enhancement and much more.

You don’t need to be an AI expert, all of this is easy to achieve in a clean end elegant way, using a single mobile framework which works in real-time and without internet connection!
Speaker bio
I'm a software engineer passionate with robotics, IoT and AI, I developed my first app for Android 2.3 and from then on I started to work with several companies involved in IoT and mobile development, I’m currently working as Developer Advocate for Huawei and I’m aiming to make everyone able to bring the potentialities of artificial intelligence in their project.
Meanwhile, I lead Google Developer Group Cosenza's community and I attend a lot of tech events in Europe as organizer or speaker (I strongly believe in sharing knowledge and I'm addicted to hackatons and code challenges: few things inspires me as much as meeting new people and pushing myself over my limits).