Make your app smarter
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Section: Full talk (35/45 minutes)
Technical level: Intermediate
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Artificial intelligence on-device is the future.
With specific chipset capabilities you can improve the performance of your app and resolve privacy and cost related issues.
AI apps tend to be real-time and mission-critical. Many AI-use cases that enhance an experience can’t afford latency.
Today, a lot of machine learning services have to send your data to the cloud to perform the actual analysis. Now, calculations can be done directly on the phone, with less risk to users of data getting leaked or hacked.
If you’re not sending data off into the cloud every few seconds, it means users can access services offline and save data. For developers, if the analysis is done on-device, it saves on paying for servers.

In this session, I will show you how to use HiAI: one of the world's first mobile AI computing platforms with a dedicated Neural-network Processing Unit.
Huawei HiAI Engine easily integrates a plurality of AI capabilities like Computer Vision, Automatic speech recognition and Natural Language Understanding, making the Apps more intelligent and powerful.
Speaker bio
I'm a software engineer passionate with robotics, IoT and AI, I developed my first app for Android 2.3 and from then on I started to work with several companies involved in IoT and mobile development, I’m currently working as Developer Advocate for Huawei and I’m aiming to make everyone able to bring the potentialities of artificial intelligence in their project.
Meanwhile, I lead Google Developer Group Cosenza's community and I attend a lot of tech events in Europe as organizer or speaker (I strongly believe in sharing knowledge and I'm addicted to hackatons and code challenges: few things inspires me as much as meeting new people and pushing myself over my limits).