Building a library for Android and iOS using Kotlin Multiplatform
Status: submitted
Section: Full talk (35/45 minutes)
Technical level: Intermediate
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Sharing code between platforms is a powerful technique, but it may be hard to accomplish without rich APIs that we have in Android, JVM, or iOS platforms. Kotlin Multiplatform libraries can be used to fix that, bringing rich APIs directly in the common Kotlin code.

What an exciting frontier!

In this talk we'll go over the creation of a Kotlin Multiplatform library. You'll learn how modules for each platform work, decide what parts of the code makes sense to share and what doesn't. All based in the experiences gathered after creating a library at Mixtiles used to fetch images from different cloud providers.
Speaker bio
David is the Lead Android Engineer at Mixtiles, and a Google Developer Expert for Android who has been developing with the Android platform since 2009. He's actively involved in the community, organising the Kotlin User Group in Belgium, and helping the GDG Brussels. Hosts @the_remote_dev podcast, advocating for remote work and its numerous advantages. He is also a Google Startup Launchpad mentor, helping startups and companies produce highly desirable and quality products.