Working effectively with Android styles, themes and resources
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Section: Full talk (35/45 minutes)
Technical level: Beginner
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Defining the styles and themes of an Android application is hard. There are several ways to do it and all of them give you the same outcome, Views and Activity will have the proper appearance. Things get even more complicated when you start working with a codebase that has previously defined styles and themes. Should you refactor? Follow the previous path? Start from scratch?

When it comes to resources things get even more complicated. Should I have one strings file? What about colors and dimensions, and their names... what about their names?!

Fear not, this talk will show you that there is still hope! We'll discuss several ways of organising this mess, so that the next time you have to create a new screen or component, achieving the desired appearance will be the easiest part of the job.
Speaker bio
David is the Lead Android Engineer at Mixtiles, and a Google Developer Expert for Android who has been developing with the Android platform since 2009. He's actively involved in the community, organising the Kotlin User Group in Belgium, and helping the GDG Brussels. Hosts @the_remote_dev podcast, advocating for remote work and its numerous advantages. He is also a Google Startup Launchpad mentor, helping startups and companies produce highly desirable and quality products.