Human Robot Interaction in Android's world!
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Section: Full talk (35/45 minutes)
Technical level: Beginner
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Human Robot Interaction (HRI) is a field of study dedicated to understanding, designing, and evaluating robotic systems for use by, or with, humans.
Our research focus is on social and educational robots. Social robots are autonomous robots that interact with people by engaging in social-emotive behaviors, skills, capacities, and rules attached to their collaborative role.
They are able to recognize each other and engage in social interactions, they possess histories (perceive and interpret the world in terms of their own experience), and they explicitly communicate with and learn from each other. In our smart HCI lab (Turin University, Computer Science Department) we are working for projects aimed at using social robots in welcoming and assistive tasks in public offices and in museums, and also for assisting clinicians during therapies.

During the talk you will discover how you can quickly develop innovative applications for Sanbot, the 92 cm robot developed by Qihan Technology and based on the "Robotics-as-a-Service" model, with which you can use the potential of the Cloud and artificial intelligence in different areas of everyday life: from hospitality to education and health, but without neglecting the possibility of being able to use it in the areas of assistance to retail and support in bank offices and airports.
The control of speech recognition, human detection, emotion recognition and in general of human robot interaction, also involving affective and natural language interaction can be done by combining the APIs offered by the native system and Android application (thus with all the potential of the services offered by the Google Cloud Platform, and more!).

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Speaker bio
Cristina Gena is associate professor in Computer Science at the Department of Computer Science, University of Turin. She is now teaching at the School of ICT (social Innovation Communication and new Technologies), of which she is also Vice-President, and at the PhD in Computer Science.
She is heading the smart HCI lab of the ICxT Innovation center, and she is UM Inc. Advisory Board member, and Associate Editor of Behaviour & Information Technology journal.
She has been scientific coordinator of funded regional projects and of several consulting and research projects.
She published more than 80 papers in international journals, books and conferences.

Gianni Forlastro deals with information technology for over 20 years and, currently, he is Web and Mobile Developer at Finance Evolution.
At Department of Computer Science of the University of Turin he is part of Human Robot Interaction research group, where he deals with social robots.
He is the founder of Google Cloud Developer Community Turin, as well as being one of the most active Google Local Guides in his city.
Finally, he is one of the historical organizers of droidcon Italy.
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Cristina Gena
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