Explain, please: Help your users trust you
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Section: Full talk (35/45 minutes)
Technical level: Beginner
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In the past 5 years mobile apps have expanded to encapsulate almost every instance of our daily lives: we use them to communicate with loved ones, share secrets, and to them we reveal part of ourselves. They interact with almost every business transaction around the world, and with the rise of IOT they are even being connected to our homes and cars. And yet according to surveys only around 5-8% of the world population knows how mobile apps operate or work.

Even though Google and Apple make us ask the user for permission to access sensitive data such as location, contacts and documents, most users do not really understand what they are allowing developers to access. GDPR is a big step forward for user privacy and data security, and yet to most people it just means annoying popups on websites they click away as quickly as possible. Users sometimes don't understand why apps are asking for permissions, or what their data we ask access for is used for.

In this talk we'll see how important it is to earn your users' trust in a time when we are all worried about privacy. We will be reviewing real life scenarios about information transparency, and how it can be achieved with small changes in design and code. Helping users understand how your app uses their data is good for everyone.
Speaker bio
Berta is an mobile developer, swift ❤️ and director of Women Who Code Barcelona. She loves learning how things work, using technology to build products 🤖 and good ☕️.