Tablets, Desktops, Foldables Oh My!
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Section: Full talk (35/45 minutes)
Technical level: Intermediate
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With the announcement from Samsung on the new reality of foldable phones and the growing popularity of desktop platforms such as Chrome OS and the new desktop modes being released on phones by multiple OEM’s, your app will be running in a world of new environments. It’s crucial that your developer workflow accounts for resizability, new display sizes, and aspect ratios, and app-continuity for your app to be prepared to expand its reach. The days of taking the easy road with screenOrientation="portrait" are quickly ending, and so are the days of running away from configuration changes. In this talk, we’ll go over the challenges faced when looking to support Android on various platforms, and how to make sure that you’re providing a great experience on all of these form-factors. We’ll cover some ideas on design patterns to think about on these different form-factors, along with specific tools and API’s that will allow you to bring these designs to reality.

You will leave this talk with an actionable checklist that helps stabilize your app and user experience on any device.
Speaker bio
Kenneth Ford is a Developer Advocate who works with partners to help improve their app experience on Chrome OS and other platforms. He's done a lot of work around improving experiences on larger screens and handling resizing and new input methods as well. He was a Software Engineer at Capital One previously.
This will be a more in depth and technical talk building upon my presentation at ADS on Android and Large Screens: