The Daily Life of an Android Developer
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The Android Developer is an amazing creature that you can find freely in the wild. You can easily spot one by either having fun writing brilliant poems on Kotlin and telling everyone how this new language is a game changer (don't forget that until recently he/she was chained to JAVA) or by swearing at some specific Android device that does not follow the documentation as it should.

We've taken a long path since the dark ages, where most devices were dominated by a greyish popup saying that an application has stopped. We now have a stable OS, a lot of API's and libraries that allow us to easily build our application foundations and finally testing is gaining the strength and importance that it deserves.

Nevertheless, there's still things to worry about - and fragmentation is, of course, on the lead! For the 8th year in a row, it's one of the most time consuming issues that are easily reported, and honestly, the most frustrating one. No one wants to spend more time looking for an undocumented solution than implementing the feature itself.

But wait, there's one more thing... do you remember when Android KitKat was launched back in 2013? Apparently there's still a lot of people that remember since it's the suggested minimum SDK.

On this talk I'm going to present a couple of... lets go with the word "challenges" - that I've faced in the past years to solve the above problems. The do's and don'ts and a list of swearing words that I've come up to.
Speaker bio
Hello human,

I'm a strong believer that... HAL didn't do anything to harm Dave, he(?) was truly preoccupied with his friend safety. Also the answer to life, the universe and everything seems to (still) be 42.

At night I'm fighting crime... oh wait; wrong bio here. Here it goes the uncensensored version: for several years now, I've been developing mobile applications. First on the energy consumption field, then Telco and, in the middle, of it I've found the time to create a game with some friends - Word Dare - it was fun! I'm currently working at WIT Software on the company RCSe applications - first for iOS and now on Android.

From time to time, I like to make long monologues and wait for the entire audience to fall asleep - lets call them "talks". I've been giving a few for University of Coimbra, WIT Software, DevFest, Pixels Camp, mdevcon, etc.