Consistency is Key - Working with a Design System
Status: submitted
Section: Full talk (35/45 minutes)
Technical level: Intermediate
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Working with a design system can be hugely rewarding: layouts can be created and modified using shared components. This should result in faster development and consistent designs across the app. But getting there is a slow and painful process.

When implementing a design system you have to make many decisions, like: Where do you start? What actually makes a component? And how flexible should components be? This talk will shed some light on these issues by taking you through Deliveroo's process of adopting a design system in its three Android apps.
Speaker bio
Maria Neumayer is an Android Developer working at Deliveroo. She's been developing for Android since 2010 with a focus on UI work. Austrian expat living in London. Previously at Citymapper, Path, Saffron Digital and Rummble.