Deep Dive in Work Manager
Status: submitted
Section: Full talk (35/45 minutes)
Technical level: Intermediate
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WorkManager is considered to be an ingredient of Android Architecture Components. It does provide mechanisms to monitor work via LiveData, for scenarios where the work happens to be going on while your app is in foreground. This session is targeted for developers to understand the pros and cons of WorkManager. We will understand where we should and where we should not use WorkManager. 
  We will also unravel how we constrain ,monitor and cancel work. Chained, Parallel, Periodic and Unique work will also be explained in detail with examples. This will help us to understand and use workmanager in the best possible manner in our app for the different scenarios.
Speaker bio
Gaurav is a seasoned mobile developer currently working in Maersk(shipping conglomerate). He has worked in healthcare apps for more than five years targeting different spectrum of users right from Radiologists to Wardboys specifically for US & Canada. As an android enthusiast, he is fond of connecting with the community and spends time as a weekend trainer with Edureka for new entrants in mobile ecospace. I am a regular attendee and participant of GDG BlrDroid at Bangalore.
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