Make your mobile app accessible with Watson AI
Status: submitted
Section: Workshop (from 2 to 6 hours)
Technical level: Beginner
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Join this workshop session to learn how Watson can help you build android application focusing onaccessibility
This hands-on, technically-oriented lab demonstrates the key capabilities of IBM Cloud and Watson services. Attendees will learn how easy it is to quickly create a voice-enabled Android-native chatbot with Watson services. This lab will walk them through the process of defining intents and entities and building a dialog flow for the chatbot to respond to customer queries. They will learn how to enable Speech to Text and Text to Speech services for easy interaction with the Android app. This lab will give attendees a jump-start on each of these APIs.
- an IBM Cloud account:
- an Android development environment
Speaker bio
Clemence is in charge of supporting developers using new and innovative IBM technology such as the IBM Watson & Cloud Platform. She works with corporate developers, startups and universities across Europe and help them to build demos and prototypes. She is passionate about Internet of Things, Mobile & Web development, wearable technology and AI. Clemence likes to share her knowledge and also learn new technologies everyday through hands-On labs workshops, meetups, hackathons and developer conferences in Europe.