FileMaker and Amazon Web Service
Status: approved
Section: Full talk (35/45 minutes)
Technical level: Intermediate
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In addition to playing the fundamental role of basic infrastructure for FileMaker Cloud, AWS is an extraordinarily rich ecosystem of services, ranging from tools for developers to home automation, from the management of multimedia content to artificial intelligence. Let's find out how to integrate some of these products into FileMaker, from the massive emails sending to advanced document filing to finally get to the integration of a potentially revolutionary tool like Lambda, which allows the execution of code on the web without a server as a backend
Speaker bio
He has worked with FileMaker Pro for three decades and he is a certified developer for every FileMaker versions from the 9 to the 17. Author of “FileMaker Pro 9 The Great Guide” and the authorized guide “FileMaker Pro 10 The Great Guide” (Mondadori Informatica), he holds seminars and webinars for FileMaker, Inc. He posts regularly tutorials and technical reviews on “Applicando” and videos on “COSA impari”. He is a founding member of COSA, which is a FileMaker Platinum Member.