FileMaker and Graphs / FileMaker and Artificial Intelligence
Status: approved
Section: Full talk (35/45 minutes)
Technical level: Intermediate
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How can Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn and Google provide recommendations in near real time? Which engine is used to investigate Panama Papers? Can we use that kind of power with FileMaker? Sure!n Discover the power of "Graphs". I'll use the most popular - Neo4j - and I'll show you step by step how to embed a graph in a FileMaker solution. Here are the main points I will talk about during the presentation: - What is a graph? Why should I care? - Import of FileMaker data into a graph - Dynamically update a graph from FileMaker - Creation of a FileMaker app based on a graph - view FileMaker data using a graph We will also have a look on how easy it is to integrate FileMaker with Artificial Intelligence with the latest features of FileMaker. We use an AI for image recognition with a FileMaker custom app for a commercial casting bureau.
Speaker bio
Joris has been over 20 years in IT, both as trainer and developer, and he is a specialist in database applications such as FileMaker Pro, MS Access and MS SQL Server. Apart from his extensive experience he brings acute and probing analytical skills to bear. “Being a trainer has taught me how important the human factor is to the success of an IT project”. Joris is a FileMaker 7 to 17 Certified Developer.