Securing your app using CryptoKit
Status: submitted
Section: Full talk (35/45 minutes)
Technical level: Intermediate
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Every developer should have in mind first how to secure his app and make it safer.

With the new framework Apple introduced at WWDC19, life of a developer becomes easier. You can encrypt efficiently your data and perform faster cryptographic operations, such as computing a hash.

- Protecting credentials and keys
- Using LocalAuthentication
- Using the App Transport Security
- Wrapping CommonCrypto in old versions of Swift
- What CryptoKit does
- Authenticated encryption
- Using the Secure Enclave
- Generating cryptographic keys
- OWASP mobile security
Speaker bio
Radu has over 8 years in mobile app development, helping customers from start-ups to big enterprises and corporations.
He has been working for the past 3 years in complex projects helping important banks shaping their next-gen architecture.

As part of Deloitte Digital, he is the technical lead of a 15 members team, assuring the end-to-end solution design for the incoming features.

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