One ring to rule them all
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Section: Full talk (35/45 minutes)
Technical level: Intermediate
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My team has worked with reactive tech stack for more than a year. It is not painful at all and even pleasant, even though we are not from the world of Android. I have collected in one report all the accumulated experience and the practices developed by us, in order to make life easier for the reactive juniors who start their way and to discover something new to already experienced Rx adepts. In the talk, I will buster the myth about the difficult debugging and the high threshold of entry, give a brief overview of the architectural solutions, share our approaches, and the cherry on the cake will be the answer to the question "Why Rx?"
And let the curtain of magic dissolve around reactive programming!
Speaker bio
I'm Anton Nazarov, an iOS developer from Saint-Petersburg.
I've been developing apps for the last 3 years including Macys, Bloomingdale's and Divy Rewards. I also contribute to RxSwift and RxSwiftCommunity being a big fan of reactive and functional programming.
I enjoy giving tech talks on conferences such as AppsConf, Cocoaheads or DevFest
You can find my articles for HackerNoon and Flawless app on Medium - @MortyMerr
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